The Whole School Travel Approach

Achieving quality and consistency in your excursions and tours

Having a 'whole school' travel approach allows for consistent planning for all trips undertaken within your school. The plan would encompass year levels, destinations, curriculum links, budget and school calendar. The approach allows for integration of excursions and tours into the whole school's curriculum framework. 

Away We Go Tours are committed to working collaboratively to create a 'whole school' travel approach that maximises teaching and learning within your school. We are ready to show you the benefits of choosing us as your designated travel agent by:

  • developing a whole school approved travel plan,
  • assigning a tour coordinator who has extensive knowledge of school requirements,
  • proactively managing all aspects of your trips including advance bookings, 
  • providing teachers with a personal 'back office' log in to our website, allowing access to valuable planning tools and resources,
  • support and help with safety, emergency and risk management, and curriculum links,
  • providing consistency in knowledge, quality and processes, 
  • delivering the highest level of service and efficient detailed travel planning,
  • operating continuously in compliance with applicable industry principles and standards,
  • maintaining flexibility to adapt to local and international market trends,
  • developing business opportunities through unique travel services, offering innovative options to our schools.

Contact us today to discuss how the 'whole school' travel approach can work for you and your school. Let our team help you discover, plan and execute learning opportunities to both Australian and overseas destinations.

We look forward to the exciting prospect of building individual business relationships with each and everyone of you.