Trying to Plan a School Trip to the Snowy Mountains? Away We Go Tours now Offers Skiing Excursions!

In New South Wales’ eastern corner stands the Snowy Mountains. These massive peaks - with their pine-covered acres and high elevations - tempt students and teachers alike each year, promising exceptional beauty and a dynamic history. They prove perfect for winter escapes.

This is why Away We Go Tours is proud to host the country’s best Snowy Mountains school trips. We create diverse itineraries (combining both outdoor thrills with core curriculum points) to educate, entertain, and inform. We also ensure that planning these excursions is as easy as enjoying them.

Away We Go Tours: About Us

For over a decade, Away We Go Tours has served as Australia’s leading travel service. Our ATAS accredited staff pairs educators with exceptional itineraries, promising successful school excursions to the Snowy Mountains. We enable students to explore the region, introducing them to historically significant attractions (including the Cooma Railway, the KNP Aboriginal Discovery Program, and the Yarrangobilly Caves). We also promise easy booking.

When planning a Snowy Mountains school ski trip, administrators may find themselves overwhelmed. There are many things to consider: accommodations, activities, transportation, and budgeting. This can prove problematic for even the most disciplined. Away We Go Tours understands, which is why we offer streamlined booking.

School Excursions to the Snowy Mountains: The Planning Process

To ensure efficient planning Away We Go Tours provides educators with comprehensive services, including:


Our signature Dashboard allows clients to instantly compile and access information related to their Snowy Mountains school trips. This information includes accommodation maps, attraction links, teachers’ checklists, risk assessment documents, provision lists, and more.


Snowy Mountains school ski trips are defined by more than slopes. Extensive paperwork is typically required. Away We Go Tours simplifies the process by providing our clients with a series of pre-generated forms (including medical forms, special requirement forms, and final detail forms). This information is then stored within our system and can be accessed at any time.


Balancing a cross-curriculum plan with the needs of dozens of students is difficult. This is why all school excursions to the Snowy Mountains receive our full support and attention. Our staffers - who have mastered the standards established by the NSWSPC, the NSWPPA, the AHISA, and the CASPA - are available 24/7, ensuring that all questions can be quickly answered. Our booking process is easy, efficient, and effective. This allows all Snowy Mountain trips to be a success.

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Snowy Mountains school trips promise natural wonder. For many educators, however, they also promise endless confusion - with accommodations, activities, and other essentials proving impossible to navigate. Away We Go Tours understands. This is why we deliver comprehensive planning services and custom itineraries, all from a centralised system. To learn more, contact us today!