Planning a School Excursion to Canberra? Away We Go Tours Offers Custom Trips

Tucked within the Australian Capital Territory is Canberra. This inland city serves as the ultimate historical compromise, standing centred between political powerhouses Sydney and Melbourne. Its origins are steeped in Parliamentary proceedings, Federation debates, and party formations - making it the ideal destination for students and teachers alike.

Away We Go Tours recognises the importance of Canberra school excursions. This is why we strive to provide dynamic itineraries, adhering to the guidelines established by the NSWSPC, the NSWPPA, the AHISA, the CASPA, and our own in-house standards. We embrace primary and high school education.

Away We Go Tours: About Us

For over 12 years, Away We Go Tours has provided superior school excursions to Canberra, Sydney, the Snowy Mountains region, and beyond. Our dedicated staffers serve as group specialists, crafting custom itineraries for schools and delivering unforgettable experiences. Every activity is chosen with a clear curriculum focus. This ensures that all school trips to Canberra are both educational and rewarding. Away We Go Tours brings students to the forefront of history - and we do it with exceptional service and support.

Canberra School Excursions: Our Itineraries

Every teacher seeks to illuminate the past. However, too often do they find this process difficult - both to plan and to achieve. Away We Go Tours sympathises with this plight, which is why we now promise streamlined school excursions to Canberra. Our ATAS accredited staffers will tailor every itinerary to the highest standards:

Educational Demands

All school trips to Canberra will be carefully planned, with activities and attractions chosen to meet the core curriculum. Staffers will plot a step-by-step itinerary that perfectly captures the intention of every teacher.

Budget Demands

Canberra travel is often marred by financial limitations. School budgets are as tight as they are unforgiving, and there are times when only the most basic accommodations and amenities can be afforded. Away We Go Tours anticipates this issue, adapting itineraries as needed. We can work with any budget and still promise exceptional results.


Planning school excursions to Canberra requires time, patience, and individualised service. Away We Go Tours offers all three. We ensure that each client receives personal attention, with a coordinator assigned to each school. This ensures one point of contact and expedites the overall planning process. Through these elements Away We Go Tours can provide exciting itineraries - ones that meet all educational and financial requirements with ease.

Our FAQs

Have a question about school trips to Canberra? Visit our FAQs page! There discover in-depth explanations about the itinerary process (including booking, transportation options, accommodation options, payment plans, and more).

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All Canberra school excursions are unique, seeking to explore citizenship, heritage, civics, and more. Away We Go Tours can weave each of these ideas into custom itineraries, helping teachers better explain the past (and entertain in the present). To learn about our many services contact us today.