Three Reasons Why Away We Go Tour's Educational Tours Are an Amazing Experience for Students

Classroom learning is an essential foundation from which to build up a child's knowledge of the world. However, how many specific lessons do you remember from your childhood? More often than not, what sticks with kids isn't rote memorisation — it's the chance to get their feet wet in the real world. That's why educational tours are such a critical tool to use in conjunction with classroom learning. Away We Go Tours, now with over 12 years of experience crafting incredible educational tours for educators across Australia, can be your gateway to a successful learning experience. Why go through the effort of planning out a trip for your class yourself? Here are three excellent reasons why:

  1. An opportunity to start conversations with your students. From engaging them on politics and history in Canberra to getting them to think like gold miners in Bathurst, there are endless opportunities. You have the chance to start thought-provoking conversations that encourage students to examine things for themselves.
  2. A chance to grow and learn with new experiences. Getting students out of their "comfort zones" and out experiencing real world locations is invaluable. Not only does it build self-confidence, but it allows kids to learn on their feet.
  3. Tangible lessons have a bigger impact. They'll never forget the things they see and do on our educational tours. Away We Go Tours' staff dedicates themselves to ensuring that through careful planning.

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