Connect Your Students with Australian History in Canberra with School Tours Through Away We Go Tours

It's easy for the past just to seem like words on the page of a textbook. How can you make the facts more exciting for your students and get them to dive deeper into the material of your curriculum? Think about what you could accomplish by taking them to Canberra. School tours are an excellent way to combine fun activities with in-depth learning opportunities, all while exposing your students to a new environment. With all the history jam-packed into Australia's capital, it's no wonder than over a hundred thousand students come to visit each year.

Away We Go Tours has a wealth of experience in planning and booking Canberra school tours. Coordinating all the many aspects of such a trip involves many aspects. It can be tough for you to fit all of the phone calls, bookings, and making arrangements necessary into your teaching schedule. Allow Away We Go Tours to not only work with you to design your trip's plan but to set everything up as well. Let your tour coordinator know the precise learning results you want your kids to come away with at the end of the journey. We'll do everything we can to make sure you get the Canberra school tours you want.

History doesn't need to be dry, dull and boring. When you stand in a place that has a rich history, it's easier to connect with it. Share that experience with your students this school year. Enquire today by phoning us on 1300 138 812.